Tuesday , October 22 , 2002


The Other One is currently a webcomic in training. It will be a full blown romantic comedy in the Ranma/Love Hina/ Ah! My Goddess! style. You will get to see the characters being developed as I post concept art here.

New art generally gets posted about once a week on Mondays, so be sure and check back!


Nice group shot, but I still am working to nail down THE style for the artwork. It is starting to get there.

Also look for The Other One merchandice coming soon! If you have designs you would like to see on T-shirts, cups, etc., let me know!

Progress meter: Outline is done. Scripting has begun on chapter 1. Characters about 85% done. Settings about 30% done.

If you wish to be notified when this comic actually gets moving, contact me to be included on occasional update email.


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